1989 Plymouth Sundance • 260,000 miles

Assembling the rear brakes and have the shoes and adjuster on. Can't seem to figure out where all the springs go.

April 27, 2013.

The smaller spring goes under the lower anchor and connects at the red arrows. The larger double spring goes right under the wheel cylinder to retract the shoes. Once they're fully retracted that adjuster lever should be up higher so it can turn the adjuster. If it isn't, the adjuster link is turned around.

You can avoid this problem by just taking one side apart so you have the other one to look at.

As a side note, The Shadow / Sundance are really tough, dandy little cars. They will really protect you in a crash. I'd love to find a nice rust-free one.

Apr 27, 2013.
Sorry about the picture. The site went through some big changes a couple of weeks ago and since then I can't post photos. The smaller spring bends around the lower anchor and attaches to the hole on the bottom of each shoe. The bigger spring sits right underneath the wheel cylinder and attaches to the hole in each shoe near the top.

Apr 27, 2013.