1998 BMW Z3

Air Conditioning problem
1998 BMW Z3 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 140, 00 miles

Several months ago, I had my 1998 Z3's air conditioning coolant (what we used to call freon!) Recharged. It worked fine for about three months, then winter arrived. Recently I realized the a/c wasn't cooling, so I took it in for a recharge. It's worked fine for about 3 weeks, but sometimes the a/c sounds noisy.

What part of the a/c system would cause this? I had the compressor replaced at around 48K, but here in TX we run a/c a lot.

To complicate the matter, two mechanics I trust have both looked at my car, and one thinks the compressor is going while the other is convinced it's just a slow leak.
May 22, 2009.

They need to find the source of the leak with either flouro-dye and or a leak detector. You already have almost 100k on thenew compressor, so it could be theissue as far as a leak goes, but to find the source they need to use one of the ways I described previously

May 23, 2009.
I agree with Jack. Also the compressor is a known failure item and a potential leak origin for that model, replacement with an after market item 100k miles ago, it might be time for a new one.

Dr. Hagerty
May 23, 2009.