2001 BMW X5

Engine Performance problem
2001 BMW X5 6 cyl All Wheel Drive Automatic 92000 miles

I am having trouble with this P2096 code. I have replaced the O2 senors (2 of them), replaced the intake cam sensor, and the exhaust cam sensor, i also replaced the boot thing thats connects to the air filter as it had a crack. After doing all of this I still get the P2096 code. I dont know what else to do besides take it to the dealership and cough up hundreds of dollars. Any help is greatly appreciated. I posted pictures of the things i changed, i actually changed the boot i didnt just throw some glue on it. Also I have a OBD II scanner I got from autozone and I can reset the code but after driving for a bit it kicks back on.

October 19, 2008.

You say you installed both cam sensors, both O2 sensors and the intake air boot and you still have a fault for post cat fuel trim too lean, BMW does not use the post cat sensors for fuel trim at all, they are there to monitor cat efficiency. The scanner you have is for generic use and is not telling you what is wrong. So have some faith and get the phone book, find a local dealer or an independent, and call them, share what you have done and ask if there is something that can be done to get your issues resolved without spending $$$$ on boots or sensors or scanners that dont fix the problem. The possibility is that you may NEED what you are resisting.

Dr. Hagerty
Oct 20, 2008.
Thank you for your help, just today I started getting a P0313 Misfire Detected Low Fuel Level error code. Any thoughts on what that might be?

Oct 24, 2008.
It is for low fuel and might be time to clear the faults and reset adaptations and fill the tank.

Dr. Hagerty
Nov 6, 2008.