2001 BMW X5 • 6 cylinder AWD Automatic • 127,800 miles


I have this ticking/knocking noise coming from the front (left hand-side) of the engine. Could you, please tell me what this could be most likely due to? I have posted a couple of videos on youtube with the noise:

The car has about 127K miles. I do need to get an oil change. The oil light came up for a moment a few times and went off. I just got this from another owner who said he changed oil about 6-7K ago. At the time of purchase I noticed the noise but only few times and it went off. However, the noise seems to be constant. When I step on the gas the hard ticking accelerates but the engine sounds good to me. The previous owner said that this noise would only appear when driving at high RPMs.

Thank you for your time.
April 13, 2011.

I was just reading your article, maybe you put the vehicle on a machine to see what is the problem. Or you could get a the Hayes Vehicle Repair at any auto repair and then troubleshoot for the answer.

Wish you well.

Apr 15, 2011.
You got two different noise, Left is your Alternator noise, Right is your valve noise, First spray ATF fluid on to the Alternator when engine is running and spray untill the noise stop, then hose off with water. Change your oil see if the valve noise stop.

May 22, 2011.