2005 BMW X3

Engine Performance problem
2005 BMW X3 6 cyl Automatic 71,000 miles

My car has recently started releasing white smoke when I start it up. I got an oil change about a month ago, and have already had to put in 2 quarts of oil in. My passenger side exhaust pipe is clean, but the drivers side is coated black. It also shakes and jiggles when in park. I would just like some ideas of what it could be, before I take it in.
August 31, 2010.

And the check engine is on too? The possibility exists of a cracked head or pulled out cylinder head bolts. It seems to be a common failure since Mercury is in retrograde, and will be until the 12th of September. I have 3 cylinder head repairs to do on the same motors this week.

Dr. Hagerty
Aug 31, 2010.