2004 BMW X3

Electrical problem
2004 BMW X3 4 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 30,000 miles

Trying to change small headlight bulb. The one that stays on all the time. Manualsays " apply screwdriver and pop lamp cover off" in engine compartment but no sure what tp pry?
January 18, 2009.

Ok I have included pics of what to do. You will see the bail that hold the cover on over the light that is what you slightly pry on to unlock it and then the access door to the light can be opened to get the the light itself. I hope this helps if you need more instruction just ask.

Jan 19, 2009.
Hi there. Encountered same problem like yours. Thanks to mr racefan966 for the illustration. I was able to change my bmw headlight bulb just early this day.