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My car is a 1994 buick regal 3.8 engine with approx mileage of 117,000. When I make a turn, I hear like a scratching noise coming from my steering wheel? Does anyone know what it could be?
February 1, 2007.

DO you hear it turning whlie not moving?

Is it just to left or to right or both?

Where do it seem to come from, inside the passenger compartment?

Would you describe it as a o=plstic kind of scratch or metalic?

While I am moving in both directions. It just started happening. Plus it sounds like there is something moving in the steering wheel.

Feb 2, 2007.
Sounds like there is something that came loose inside the column that is wedged between the plastic cover and the innerds of the column. Any abnormalities with the hazard switch, turn signal lever wiper lever?