1999 BMW 740

Electrical problem
1999 BMW 740 V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 107000 miles

Wiper issue, 1999 BMW 740IL:

Wiper intermittently quit working and then went out completely; This is what I have done so far and non of these have fixed the problem:
1. Replaced the wiper switch in the steering column;
2. Checked all the fuses, they were all good;
3. Replaced 2 relay units; (this is all under the advice of BMW mechanic)
4. Replaced the motor, checked voltage to the motor"‚ÄĚhave no 12V going to the motor, but have 5V power leg to maintain zero position on the motor drive;
5. Replaced the main module that controls: the wipers, power seats, power windows, steering column, heated seats, ect.
6. Pulled passenger side seat, checked 2 main fuses and they were OK.

Could you shed some light on this?
June 16, 2008.

The wiring connections should be inspected as well as the wiring itself. The diagnosis of a possible intermittent failure would be connector, conductor, component as well as power and grounds.

Dr. Hagerty
Jun 16, 2008.
Your answer is too broad. Could you be more specific?

Jun 16, 2008.
The replacement of components to repair this issue without a proper diagnostic procedure to prove the fault can be costly. You have stated the replacement of what seems like most of the components in the wiper system. Have you scanned the car with a GT-1(the dealer proprietary software) My request was to try and address the one factor that may be the issue, the wiring and the connectors. Also, you stated the replacement of the general module was performed, was it correctly coded? Was it coded at all? BMW is somewhat unique inasmuch as " normal" procedures will have less than desirable results.

Dr. Hagerty
Jun 16, 2008.