CODES 139 AND 112

1998 BMW 740

Engine Mechanical problem
1998 BMW 740 V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 150000 miles

My 1998 BMW 740iL periodically shows check engine and periodically the check engine goes off. When the check engine is on it was diagnosed by these 2 codes: 139 and 112.
It was repaired by BMW certificated mechanics however it still shows these codes as whenever the check engine goes on.
Any help is greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

vsavcic@yahoo. Com
June 7, 2010.

How are these codes showing up? What extraction method are you using?

Dr. Hagerty
Jun 7, 2010.
I was looking over a shoulder when mechanic was using an orange/red diagnostic tool and these were two codes showing: 139 Electronic Thermostat Circuit
112 Camshaft Position Sensor



Jun 8, 2010.
Thank you so much for the clarification! The car uses an electronically controlled coolant regulating device, it can change it's resistive value, and when it does, it flags a fault. The cam position sensor is a hall effect device, and when the signal is degraded or is not present for whatever reason, it flags a plausibility fault. These faults can be currently present, or not. They are typical failures and are not some figment of the technicians imagination. It is possible to repair these and still have them be present if the faults were not erased. I hope this is helpful in your quest for knowledge, a second opinion is almost always a good thing, dont you agree?

Dr. Hagerty
Jun 8, 2010.