2003 BMW 540i

Engine Cooling problem
2003 BMW 540i V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 80000 miles

After installing a new radiater I have to add water every day or so. Their are no leaks. The engine runs fin but you can smell antifreeze.
May 8, 2009.

Did you bleed the air out of the system? And I hope you're not putting regular water in, that is a no-no, distilled water only, now about your coolant smell. You cannot have a coolant smell without a leek, pull up your mats inside your car and tell me if the floor is wet.

Dr Loot
May 23, 2009.
At that mileage it probably needs a valley pan gasket replacement, look under the car at the bell housing, if your leak is there replace the valley pan and inspect/replace the water pump.

Dr. Hagerty
May 23, 2009.