1995 BMW 525

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1995 BMW 525 6 cyl Wheel Drive Type unknown Manual 172, 32 miles

while drive I notice white smoke
coming out of my tail pipe
--i keep oil change, I take good care of my
bmw; but can't understand y it's smoking
i am not a aggressive drive and never have
been, only one driver (me)
Shirl warner
February 1, 2008.

Are you sure it is smoke? White smoke is fuel mixture. Too much air not enough fuel. Also possibly not smoke but steam from moisture smell of exhaust could help determine. Smoke doesn't disappear as quickly as steam. Need to make sure which it is!

Jun 22, 2008.
White smoke is and indication coolant is being introduced to the cumbustion chamber. This should be looked at immediatly do not continue driving you may do more harm. Good luck

Jun 22, 2008.
Shirl Warner, Have you had an overheating incident with your car in the past? The indication is the cylinder head casting is possibly cracked and is allowing coolant into the combustion chamber and may require the cylinder head to be removed and possibly replaced. Another question about the smoke, does the smoke have a sweet smell? If it does that is another indicator that coolant may be getting into the combustion chamber. Keep in touch and I will do my best to assist you in repairing your car.

Dr. Hagerty
Jun 22, 2008.