2000 BMW 323

Engine Performance problem
2000 BMW 323 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 105000 miles

My bmw 105K 2000 323CI is starting up slowly on ocassion. Then recently it seemed to have low power. There are no lights (CEL engine) on.I did accidentally put E85 gas in the tank a few weeks ago.I have run through most of that gas. But car seems to still be acting up. Recently had the intake cam sensor changed. Seemed good but a few days later. Starting slowly and weak power. On ocassion. Earlier today fine (lots of power). Later the same day. Slow start and weak power. What should I do?
August 21, 2009.

Have you had the fuel pressure tested? When was the fuel filter replaced last? Finally, have you checked to make sure the catylatic converter isn't plugging?

How old is the battery?

Dr. Hagerty
Aug 21, 2009.
Have a " voltage meter ready.

Test the voltage of the battery. Is it 12.6v?
Test voltage drop from battery to starter solynoid. Did it drop more voltage than normal?

Fuel filter change is always a good idea when your troubleshooting.

Oct 18, 2009.
Okay, I have a question. I have read some of the other questions asked to you. When I first read your posting, I thought you were having a longer than normal cranking period until it started. Is the starter turning slower than normal or was my first assumption correct?