1993 BMW 318

Shakes or Wobbles problem
1993 BMW 318 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 114500 miles

I have a 93 BMW 318IS and the vehicle vibrates during acceleration. The vibration is only during acceleration. I can be doing 50 mph and take my foot off the gas and it smooths out. I had the motor mounts replaced (by a friend. I know they only go on one way so I dont think he did it wrong) and the problem persisits. I know there is a transmission mount and I havent replaced this yet. My front struts need to be replaced but as the problem only occurs when I am pressing on the gas I thought it had to be a mount problem not suspension. What do you think is causing the vibration. Just fyi I recently had my water pump and fuel pump replaced.
August 14, 2010.

I believe the problem is possibly the driveshaft center support bearing and/or the driveshaft itself, when the c/s bearing mount degrades, it allows the driveshaft to jump around and cause noise, when the U-joints in the driveshaft get old they can get frozen up and not move freely enough to allow proper action, and then the driveshaft can transmit a bunch of noise into the car. It may also have something to do with your transmission mount, check both when you're in there.

Dr. Hagerty
Aug 15, 2010.