2005 Audi A8

Suspension problem
2005 Audi A8 V8 All Wheel Drive Automatic 63000 miles

Recently, my vehicle air suspension system failed. For about 3 days, I experienced not being able to adjust the ride height. After having the front brake pads replaced, it seemed to have totally deflated in the front and was too low to back out of the repair shop without using some boards under tires to get the car over the doorway hump. I had the car transported to the Audi dealer for repair. They advised me that a relay had failed and caused the pump to overheat and fail. What should this repair cost? And, as the pump was quite noticeably noisy when in operation, woulldn't it's continuous operation be obvious? How long would it take a pump to fail? Note, the car was much lower in the front after this failure and scraped when going over a small rise in the road, whereas the rear seemed at it's normal location for lowered height. The front tires were noticeably below the wheel well opening. Thank you in advance for your input.
January 25, 2010.

Hello GregM27265

If you do not deactivate the self-leveling suspension system or remove the fuse when doing brake or suspension work, the pump will fail. Why? Because when suspension moves the height sensor tell the system module the vehicle is riding high.
This happens when you did the brake job causing the relay fail and the pump to overheat and fail too.
How much it cost?
The cost varies from shop to shop, from city to city and from state to state but I can say it is not cheap. If I guess for cost and where you live the cost is different, I will be giving you wrong information. What you can do is to call at least 5 shops around where you live and compare the prices.
My best advice, to avoid repeated failure and costly repair, deactivate the suspension system before you do the brake work, or oil change.

Jan 25, 2010.
Thank you.

Jan 26, 2010.
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Jan 27, 2010.
Wow. These guys must all work for the same dealer because the least this question deserves is a ball park answer.

I mean how vague can an answer get?

Mathiaso, is basically saying prepared to get taken where ever you go and doesnt want to give you an actual cost cause 1) he has no idea or 2) doesn't want to break the "Dealer" code!

Bottom line is it could be a number of things from a sensor being moved out of position and needs to be reset to the correct position, a bad wire or worst case scenario a bad module.

It could cost any where from $80 - $1000 depending on how honest the dealer is you go to.

Why should I know this you ask? Because I had the same issue and couldn't get a straight answer from the deal on a job they quoted me $900 for and in actuality was a 2 min fix.

The sensors needed to be repositioned.

Note: Check the wiring for the level sensors can corrode but the sensors are quite robust unless damaged (physically)

Jan 12, 2011.
We appreciate your additional information. Like you said, it could be a two minute fix or it could be a ridiculous $1000. We recommend getting more than one estimate to make sure you are not getting ripped off.

2CarPros Mike
Mar 16, 2011.
And how can I deactivate the suspention system on the same car same year

Oct 17, 2012.
Removing the fuse will deactivate the suspension system

2CarPros Mike
Oct 17, 2012.