2004 Audi A8

Suspension problem
2004 Audi A8 V8 All Wheel Drive Automatic

My 2004 Audi A8 4.2L has what is called adaptive air suspension, the system was working very well, all the sudden the I start hearing strange sounds on the fron right. I also notice that when I swtich that the car is not leveled. It is get lopwer on the fron right and weeks later, borth the left and the right front of the car gets very love untill I get on the car.
One more thing I noticed is that I see the low level indicator (green with down arrow) on the dashboard. Couple of days later I notice the orange indicato in the dashboard as well, howerver, when I start the car it flashes for seconds and then it turns off.
I visit a workshop and they told me that I have to change the air suspesnsion which cost arround $2000.
First, it that the actual fault? Is there any replacemnt cheaper that that? Even if it is an OEM
September 5, 2010.

Hello. Thanks for the donation. Much appreciated

You may have a leaking air shock or leaking air line from the compressor or you could have a faulty front leveling sensor but this would give the same ride height on both sides of the vehicle. I would have a second opinion on what actually needs to be replaced and any parts needed can be purchased aftermarket at a significant lower cost

Dave H
Sep 13, 2010.
Where can I find a nafter market parts?

I'm located in Saudi Arabia and I would order it online

Do you know any place that have a wesbsitse from which I can order?

Sep 13, 2010.
I would start by looking at Ebay. The american or european site's have listing's that will ship oversea's

hope this helps

Dave H
Sep 14, 2010.