1970 AMC Javelin

Heater problem
1970 AMC Javelin V8 Two Wheel Drive Manual 52,000 miles

I am trying to remove the original heater control valve from my intake manifold. I have soaked the threads with rust penatrant, and tried to break it free with a wrench, but no luck. Valve is close to firewall, and behind valve cover--not much room to work. Does anybody have any suggestions? I need help.
Dave Hudson
December 6, 2008.

Teh only thing I could suggest and it depends on your ability. It is NOT THE SAFEST thing to do either. Take a propane torch and heat the manifold around the water heater pipe. Then place penetrating oil on the threads and take a small ball pien hammer ( 8oz or so) and tap around the manifold. Then repeat this several times. Then try the wrench and see if the pipe will break loose. If that doesn't work take the intake to a machine shop where they can get it off.

Sep 15, 2009.