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Hi all, as the title says I own a 97 ram 1500 with the 5.9L 360 with 102,000 miles, I believe I have a heater core issue because earlier this week I began to notice a smell of anti-freeze coming through the vents and the other day I noticed steam coming through the vents once the engine got warm on a slightly cool morning, before I rip apart my entire dash I decided to get advice on what I should look for and any precautions I need to take before I start or if even I am on the right track to fixing this problem. If I am on the right track can anyone assist in what all I have to do to replace it? And what special tools I might need? Thanks in advance. Oh and also someone has told me that if I plan to replace the heater core I should also replace the a/c evaporator core, is this true?
May 16, 2007.

Good luck. You have to take most of the dash out. Tools, no special tools. A/c evaporator core you may want to replace. It's right next to it. It goes out you will be doing this all over again. The only thing is the a/c you need to discharge this. You need a a/c coolent recover system. If you don't you will let all your freeon out.

May 16, 2007.
Did you change your heater-core? If so, did that cure the smell you have of anti-freeze when your heater is on. I have the same truck, but a 1996. I just started to get that smell. Please let me know.

Oct 12, 2008.