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92 Voyager, 155K miles. We were driving along at a steady 45 mph, and car just died. Speed, temp and fuel gauges went to " 0" immediately, but headlights, map lights, flashers and turn signals still worked. Turning the ignition key gets no results at all. Had to get it towed home. We're the original owners, and this has never happened before. Is there a fuse or link or cutoff under the hood that could cause this? If so, how do we diagnose / find / fix it? Thanks.
January 1, 2007.

When you turn the key, it doesn't crank, or cranks but doesn't start?

Turning the key in the ignition - no cranking at all, not even a click. Thanks.

Jan 1, 2007.
Strong headlights say the battery is okay. That leaves the ignition switch and starter as suspect. Maybe more. A quick uncomplicated way of sometimes revealing a starter is to rap lightly on it with a hammer while someone is holding the key in the crank position.
If you have an owners manual or if the fuse box has a diagram, you may be able to pull the starter relay and swap it with another relay to check it. I am saying more than I know on the relay, as I don't know if it has one or not. I would think so.

There is oil in it I'm assuming. I suppose if it was seized, the starter solenoid should still kick in.

This just happened to me. It is a fusable link on the fender under the windshield washer reservoir in front of the driver. The ignition wire is orange in the fusible link area. It is red the rest of the way. You fix it by buying a short length of wire with a fuse in it. Just connect and bypass the fusible link. It also has a white wire right with it from the key. This wire tells the computer the engine is running. It should be hooked up to the key side, it is a fuseable link also.

Paul sr.
Jan 4, 2007.