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I have an oil leak on a 1997 Gran Prix 3800 engine coming from the front of the engine. It has 220,000 miles on it and no codes or other problems. To fix it I'm guessing a timing chain job at about $1000, but should I just consider a new engine even at about $5000 since the engine has high mileage?
July 9, 2006.

New engine, or new car? Remember that all of the parts on that car have 220k miles. Sounds like you got a great life out of it, and unless you have personal ties to the car, it may be time for a new pony.
Those engines are famous for leaking intake manifolds, which can leak oil on the front of the engine. You can probably get that resealed for less than $1,000, but do you want to just reseal it and have a head gasket blow in a month? But then if you do the heads, you may burn a piston the next month.
Sounds to me like you are rolling the dice on putting money into a car with such milage. How bad is the leak? Can you through a card board sheet under the car each night and just add some cheap oil each week? Lol

Jul 9, 2006.