2004 Acura TSX

Electrical problem
2004 Acura TSX 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 100434 miles

I have a 2004 Acura TSX with navigation and the other night when I started the car I noticed that the clock did not light up and the lights around the nav pod/radio did not illuminate. When you shine a flash light at the pod holding the clock, the clock and radio displays are working normally, just not lit up. I checked all the fuses on the drivers kick panel and under the hood and all are okay. Is this one light illuminating all the positions or multiple lights and I am missing something somewhere?
November 22, 2008.

Hello -

I am not sure how many fuses you checked - so I want to make sure you and I are on the same page.

These are the fuses I show that tie into that system....that the clock and Nav system are on together. The under-hood Fuse Relay box, Fuses 15, 22, 23 and the under-dash box, fuses 8 and 32.

When you checked the fuses, did you use an ohm meter??? Sometimes a visual with the eye just isn't good enough as it can not be working in a spot you can see.

I have searched two tech manuals for bulbs.....if the fuses are good you many have to call the part department and ask how many bulbs are on it. I have attached two pics for you....the one actually shows the back...but in the pic I can not see a bulb. Maybe it's just hard to see.

Nov 22, 2008.
Your problem sounds the same as the one I had recently. Turns out the 2004 TSX had issues with the backlighting on the buttons for the HVAC and radio controls. I took mine to an Acura dealer (Rosenthal Acura in Germantown, MD) and they fixed it at no cost. I think they had to pull the entire center stack to make the fix.

There was apparently a tech service bulletin out on this for some time. By the way, my car was not still under warranty. It had about 75,000 miles on it.

Hope this helps.

Jul 7, 2009.
Hello -

Pbelella, Thanks for the information you provided. That is very kind of you.

I did check the TSBs and didn't see one related to the back lighting for the HVAC.

K9fto you still might consider checking with the dealership to see if they have one that we don't have listed in our manuals.

Jul 16, 2009.
There is a TSB for a problem with the backlighting on the audio-havc buttons and clock display. The warranty for this is extended to 7 years or 100,000 miles.

TSB 04-021 dated Feb 15, 2006 and revised Jan 23, 2007

Sep 17, 2009.
Yes, this is a common problem on 2004 TSXs. I also had mine replaced per the TSB a few years ago.

Apr 29, 2010.