2004 Acura TSX

Air Conditioning problem
2004 Acura TSX 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 82467 miles

Recently my 2004 Acura TSX A/C not functioning properly. The issue is that when I hit the
A/C panel button, I get ice cold air blowing thru the
vents, then after a minute or two it still blows air but
losses the A/C. I shut the system off then restart it a few times, it works initially with ice cold air, then
the ice cold air shuts down and only blows out the air. I hear the compressor is going but not blowing out cold air. I was wondering if its an issue with the circuitry and or sensors?
April 15, 2009.

Hi JJ49207,

There are many possible reasons and more information is requird to help you track down the cause.

When the air is not cold, did you check if the compressor is working at that moment?
Are the cooling fans working at this juncture?
Does the AC light shows on control panel?

There is a self diagnostic for the system, is your vehicle equipped with navigation system?

Apr 15, 2009.
I have the same model car and the exact same problem.
Did you ever find out the problem?

Jul 12, 2009.