2004 Acura TSX

Air Conditioning problem
2004 Acura TSX 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 91000 miles

my vents would blow hot air only for about 6 months before I brought the car in to have the relay replaced. It fixed the problem perfectly. However 2 weeks later I was driving back from an 18 hour road trip and the vent stopped blowing completely. No hot, no cold. When I push the " on" buttion and move the settings from floor to defrost to eye level, nothing blows. I can hear a very faint sound of something turning inside the unit. Sounds like a muffled disc changer changing CDS. Please help before I get taken for $$$$$ its the middle of summer! Thanks!
July 19, 2008.

Hi janiemcguire,

The blower motor is not functioning, give it a few bangs and if it works, the motor is due for replacement.

If nothng happens, you need to test for power supply to the motor.

Aug 20, 2008.