2000 Acura TL

Heater problem
2000 Acura TL 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 137000 miles

Just a couple days ago my heater on my car stop working I checked the fuses everything seems to be ok? Should I change the heater control relay I haven’t taken it to a shop yet to pay that $80.00 diagnostic fee. Please let me know what you recommend. -Thanks
February 28, 2008.

There is no heater control relay.
Check your coolant level, heater valve cable and the heater core's hoses.
Nothing to do with the fuses either.
Unless you meant fan instead of heater, is your a/c working?

Mar 2, 2008.
I'm having the same problem guys. It an 2000 Acura TL. ThehAC and heater both are non operable, I checked the fuses, sniffed the relays for signs of overheating, found nada.

I want to pull the glove box and check to see if I'm getting current to the fan motor. Does anyone know how to get to the motor assembly, or other options to explore before I start swapping parts? Thanks B. Kahuna

May 16, 2012.