Acura RSX

Mileage is around 90000. I just had some suspension work done to my car and got the alignment the day after.
Now, when im on the interstate (where its most noticeable) the alignment is perfect when I'm not pushing the gas pedal down. But once I try to speed up, even just a little, it starts to pull to the right pretty bad.
It does the same thing under braking and then only time the alignment works is when its just cruising (no brake, no gas.)

Thanks for any help.
August 23, 2007.

First thing that comes to mind is a dragging brake. After driving is for a nice distance, say 5 miles or more, stop and touch each of the front rotors. Is one hotter than the other. Be careful, one might be very hot.

Bruce Hunt
Aug 29, 2007.
I found out what it was. My control arm bolt came loose when the pen fell out. I got a new pen, and its perfect now.

Aug 29, 2007.