2003 Acura RSX

My car is a 2003 Acura RSX Type S, completely stock version // No after market Modifications // standard transmission // 4 cylinder engine// 71,000 miles.
I was told by Honda after taking it in for hearing a deep knock noise when I shift gears that my short block engine will have to be replaced for $5,687.53 due to Rod Bearing // Balance Shaft Noise. Can anyone please tell me if this is needed? Is there something I can do to salvage the engine or do I absolutely have to purchase a new engine? Thank You for any assistance that is given.
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October 3, 2007.

The noise is it more of a thudding or thumping-does it intensify from idle to part throttle? To pin point the noise do a cylinder balance it will tell you where its coming from.

Who knows it might be detonation/spark knock/pinging.

Oct 3, 2007.
The noise is more of a thumping noise that does happen when the car is idling and I'm about to shift into the gear. Can this be repaired or do I have to buy a brand new engine?

Oct 4, 2007.
Sounds like main bearings it can be done underneath-just get the crank kit that's bearings/crank.

Oct 4, 2007.