2005 Acura RL

Air Conditioning problem
2005 Acura RL 6 cyl All Wheel Drive Automatic 75,000 miles

Is it possible for a defective compressor to operate intermitantly? The clutch coil has been replaced and the problem persists and the insurer is reluctant to replace the compressor saying that if it comes on, the problem lies elsewhere.
Ned Welker
September 20, 2010.

Never head of an intermitent compressor operation. To help what is symptom and will need High and Low side pressure readings to diagnose.
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Sep 20, 2010.
Hi Ned Welker,

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The A/C compressor relies on the clutch coil to operate and if it is intermittently cutting off, it is not the compressor itself.

Clutch coil operations are governed by : 1. Clutch coil. Weak coil or excessive clutch clearance.
2. Thermal sensor, located on compressor. Any overheating of the compressor would cause a break in the circuit and stop the clutch from operating.
3. Compressor clutch relay. Relays can fail intermittently, try swapping the realy with the headlights and see if problem still occurs.
4. Excessive freon in system.
5. Faulty pressure switch.
6. Faulty PCM. It controls the clutch coil relay.
7. A/C switch.
8. Faulty cooling fans.

When intermittent compressor operations occurs : 1. Does the A/C switch light flickers?
2. Does the cooling fans cycle together with the compressor?
3. Is it cycling on and off or just staying off and would not come on until the A/C or engine is turned off and restarted?
4. Is there any indication of the engine overheating?

Have you had the low and high pressure readings checked? A pressure reading might help to understand the freon level and A/C operations.

Sep 20, 2010.