1999 Acura RL

Electrical problem
1999 Acura RL 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 170000 miles

Well, my cruise control isnt working anymore. The switch to turn it on works and when I do set the cruise, the green lite indicator comes on letting u know its set but it just doesnt actually set. I heard it could be the cruise control vaccuum or something like that but I need more info on what to check first.
Anyone got a step by step guide that I could use to check it. Thanks
September 18, 2009.

Hi mowdidi,

Do you mean both master switch and dash green light are indicating?

Is the speed not holding or lower than it should be?

When pressing the RESUME/ACCELERATE button, does vehicle accelerate?

Sep 19, 2009.
Yes the master lite will come on when I turn it on. The dash lite comes on when I set it as well. It wont hold tho. After I set it to hold I try to accel with it and it wont accel.I can cancel and resume and lites come on but still doesnt work. Any other leads?

Sep 28, 2009.
Our database does not have the troubleshooting procedures for your model. I only have the schematic and control unit input test.

If the dash indicator goes off after setting, it could be caused by the brake switch, gear position indicator switch.

Sep 29, 2009.
I dont quite understand ur layout there and can barely make it out. But whats first thing u would recommend based on that info?

Oct 2, 2009.
I would suggest with checking the brake switch first. It is a 2 circuit switch, which when the brake pedal is depressed, opens one circuit and closes the other. Release the pedal would reverse the operations of the switch.

Check the clearance between the brake pedal stopper and switch. Try inserting a thin piece of card board between the switch and stopper and test drive to see if the cruise works. If yes, either the stopper requires replacement or the switch has to be readjusted to get the correct clearance.

If you have a DVOM, testing the resistance would be the best option.

If the brake switch is tested ok, next you would have to test the control unit input as outlined in the latter part of first post.

Oct 3, 2009.