2001 Acura MDX

Computer problem
2001 Acura MDX 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 115000 miles

I have replaced the original oxygen sensors, Denso, with non-OE sensors, Bosch. I cannot clear the CE nor the VTM-4 lights. I also cannot engage the VTM-4 system. On computer analysis, the DTC still indicate the O2 sensors. As an electrical engineer, I am somewhat confident I installed them correctly. The MDX runs fine with no apparent problems. I am confused. Please help.
June 27, 2008.

Check to make sure that the correct sensors were installed in the right order. The primary is an air/fuel sensor and the secondary is the heated oxygen sensor. Two different sensors that are not interchangeable.

Jul 6, 2008.
They both are 4-wire sensors. Two wires in each are listed as a heater circuit. I have rechecked the color codes and signal wires between the OEM and bosch wire color coding. I have cleared the VTM light but not the CEL. I'm now getting P0135, P0141 and P0133, indicating oxygen sensor heater circuit. The MDX still runs fine. I am perplexed.

Jul 9, 2008.