1998 Acura Integra

Engine Mechanical problem
1998 Acura Integra 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 198000 miles

I have rebuild my motor (1.8L v-tec) b18c1 last year due to a head gasket problem and water in block. My cousin and I put the the motor back together again and put the motor back into the car. All sensor had bee replaced with a motor at that time when we dropped it back to the car. Unfortunately, a check engine light came on when we took it for a test run. It was throwing a code 23 which was a knock sensor curcuit fault. At that time I was toatally out of cash so I waited a month to fic the problem. Bought a new from pepboys put that one to use but while installing the knock sensor I dropped it. Assuming that it was ok I finish installing and tested that one it was sure that the engine light came back on throwing the same code. So I went back and returned that one as a defected knock sensor and got a new one, hooked it up make sure the wire was plug in tight and make sure the wire was not cut ot split anywhere. I drove it, about some 2 min. And the check engine light came back on again. I am completely drained and fustrated because I need it to work and kill the engine to pass emmision to get my tag. Please help A.S.A.P. Thanks
September 24, 2008.

Hi shin_2max,

Did you reconfirm the error code is from the knock sensor?

1. Check the ignition timing. Too advanced timing would cause the knock sensor to maifluntion.
2. Check the timing belt synchronisation, out of sync would cause this too.
3. Check the fuel quality.

Sep 25, 2008.
Well, thanks for responding back my consern. I have confirmed that it was a cel code 23 a knock sensor malfunction circuit fault. When the engine is cold the timing belt is will off the mark but when the engine warms up the indicator is position on the mark and it very well clear that the timing belt is right. I don't know about the ignition timing though, I'll check that.I only pump 91 octane gas from chevron only and possible from 76. I don't know what else.I talked to one of my friend who has a friend that use to work for Honda tec, he said that the other reason is that it might be my motor that causing the problem.I don't know? Need more information please? Thanks.

Sep 29, 2008.
Using the timing light to confirm the timing belt is not the correct procedure as you have 2 camshafts and the one running the distributor might be correct whereas the other might be out of sync.
What you have done is checking the ignition timing, not the crank and cam synchronisation.

Connect the SCS and recheck the timing, adjust if necessary.

Too high compression ratio can cause the problem too. Did you reface the cylinder head and block?

Sep 30, 2008.
I had checked the timing and it was good. Thanks for telling me that about the cams and the crank I'll check on that. When I check the scs service sonnector all it give me is the cel code 23 (blinks two times slow and three times fast). But I'll check the compression to see if the compression is too high. Yes, when I rebuilt the motor top and bottom I had them resurface both blocks just to clean it. If there is any thing else please let me know I'm trying to do this as fast a possible and as precisely too. To get it to pass emission for my tag. Thanks, I'll check on that and post my concern when I get to it.

Oct 1, 2008.