1998 Acura Integra

Air Conditioning problem
1998 Acura Integra 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 138000 miles

I have recently reinstalled all the a/c components (hardlines, condensor, compressor, etc.) I added the pag 46 oil and stop leak then 24 oz of r134 refrigerant. Now the a/c was nice and cold for about 20-30 minutes of driving and idle. Then while driving it started getting warmer and warmer. I thought maybe it was low on refrigerant and got another 12oz and put it in. The a/c again blew cold for about a couple mins and the compressor clutch engaged then immediately disengaged repeatedly. Maybe it is overfilled? The clutch does not engage anymore but when I turn on the a/c I do have the fan engage and the relays but just not the clutch. The rpm's usually kick up a bit then drops down but now it jumps up to about 2000rpm and stays there.
July 1, 2010.

Hi Phambam,

Thank you for the donation.

Symptoms of the compressor engaging and disengaging indicates a possible fault of overfilling but if the compressor clutch relay and cooling fanes are working, then that should not be the case alone.

Test the wire to the compressor for battery voltage when the compressor fails to engage. If battery voltage is present, then the compressor clutch is bad. It could be a wek coil or the clearance between the clutches is too large.

Jul 2, 2010.
I just checked the fan an it also is not turning on as well I hooked up a pressure gauge to the low line and it was way too high so I am going to recover and recharge the system. Thanks for responding I will see if that fixes it.

Jul 2, 2010.
Let me know the outcome.

Have a nice day.

Jul 3, 2010.
I heard about lots of problems with Acura Integra's A/C that it produces lots precipretation water and wets the surface when the cars is standing still. There is no solution for this problem you can just reduce the working of your A/C.

Jul 8, 2010.