1996 Acura Integra

Engine Performance problem
1996 Acura Integra 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 142,00 miles

The water pump in my '96 Acura Integra LS went belly up in a big way so on June 10th I took it to my mechanic to get repaired. Since he was in there, I also had him replace the timing belt & 3 drive belts. All was well. It ran like a champ. Three nights ago, roughly 6 weeks after the repairs, that all changed. I went out to start my car and immediately noticed that something wasn't right. The motor had no problems turning over. However, the idle was extremely low. It was sputtering, borderline stalling. When I depressed the gas pedal, it sounded like it was cutting out, not the normal solid "rev" sound it's always had. My first thought was that I needed gas. I drove 2 blocks and got gas. I started it up again. No improvement. It continued to sputter and exhibit a definite loss of power on acceleration the entire trip. Then my check engine light began to flash every couple of minutes. It would stop intermittently and then flash again. By the time I arrived home, I noticed somewhat of a "burnt" smell seeping into the cabin through the vents.

I did a fair amount of research on the Internet in an attempt to diagnose the problem before deciding to post here. What I found was that the bulk of the information seemed to point to the timing belt and possible slippage. Is it possible that a new timing belt might slip 6 weeks after replacement? I should add that I have done very little driving in the 6 week period and also that I disco'd my battery one day last week to clean the corroded terminals.

Finally, if the timing belt seems to be the likely culprit, am I ok to drive slowly & carefully the 3 miles I'll need to retrn it to my mechanic ?

Thanks, Guys!
Riverside, CA

July 23, 2008.

Go to Autozone and get read for free and comeback with the OBD2 code/s this is where we start.

Jul 23, 2008.
Will do.

Jul 24, 2008.