2001 Acura CL

Transmission problem
2001 Acura CL 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 148111 miles

Hello, I hooked up my friends scanner to my car and I have the error code of P1740. Any suggestions on where to start looking. On OBDII web site it states that the A/T 4th pressure switch circuit malfuction. If you need any information let me know. Please help. Thank You for your time.
October 11, 2009.

Its your torque converter clutch solenoid circuit is faulty, the transmission pan needs to come out, to get to it dont remove the transmission, you dont have to.

Oct 11, 2009.
I wanted to wait and call Acura to see what they would say. Since it was a weekend I had to wait until Monday. Well I called acura today on 10/12/09 and stated the diagnostic code they said that they have that part which is the 4th pressure circuit and it goes for around $70 bucks and is located on the trans axle itself rather than inside the transmission housing. I will go from there purchasing the part from acura and see if that fixes my problem. I appreciate the time and help. I will respond later if it fixes my problem.

Oct 12, 2009.