1998 Acura CL

Transmission problem
1998 Acura CL 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 209700 miles

Gents or Madams,

I went to numerous transmission repair shops & the Acura dealer (they coded the TCCM): told me I needed a new trans. The car in 2nd-3rd gear stalls and then slams into gear from 20-40MPH. This started to happen after I got stuck in the snow and then put it in 2nd gear, revved it until the car overheated (temp guage flew over H), but no fluids lost. Could this be electric or do you think the tranny is shot. I'm flat broke & need the car!
May 9, 2010.

Hi PetrosMarkos,

The revving and overheating could have damaged the trans and most likely you need a new trans.

What was the exact trouble codes retrieved?

May 21, 2010.
Hi! KHLow2008. Yeah, I figured, but I checked out a trans-shop and when they 'cleared' the code, the trans felt almost perfect. Then a few days later, the check engine came back and it started to act-up again.

Also, when I actually drop it into second and shift it into third, it's fine. Also, once it reaches fourth, drives like a brand new Benz. But, I have no idea about cars/transmissions.

I don't exactly know what the numbers of the code are. I'm a slacker when it comes down to that. I have to go to the dealer and request the diagnostics.

Thanks for your response to my inquiry.

May 22, 2010.