1997 Acura CL

Interior problem
1997 Acura CL 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual

The drivers door does not open. It is locked. The key turns in the door and makes the actuator sound, the interior manual lock works and is connected, the electric door lock on the door sounds like it is working, yet the door remains locked and both the interior and exterior handles cant open it as it remains locked. I can see inside the door barely and it appears all rods are connected and clips are inplace.
May 20, 2010.

Make sure the alarm remote is at the right position as the door lock, I'm pretty sure the alarm is the problem, also try removing the corresponding fuse for the lock and see if you can open it again

Jun 18, 2010.
The door locks are moved electrically by a door lock actuator which in your case needs to be replaced.
It's attached to the door latch, switch and handle and has 2 sets of electrical wires connected to it.

Jun 20, 2010.