2001 Chevrolet Monte Carlo • 120,000 miles

I replaced the pass front bearing hub due to growling noise. The abs lights were not on. After replacement, the abs/traction off/ service traction system lights came on and stayed on.

i was extremely careful with the wires and connection, nothing was smashed, broken, or pulled

i went to my mechanic, he plugged in and found no codes and couldn't turn out the lights. He said the problem might be the ignition switch/module because he could not communicate with the car with the car running, but could with the car not running with the key in the on position.

he said he had the same problem with an impala with the chief complaint being abs/trac/service trac lights on. Nothing was wrong with the abs system and so he also had the same problem reading the computer. He replaced the ignition system and was finally able to communicate with the car. And the light went out and stayed out.

have you heard of this being a solution to this problem.

April 13, 2013.

I have not seen that as a fix, I would first check that the sensor plug is secure and the pins are not loose, check that the alignment between the sensor and the pick up is ok, normally it is something fairly simple causing this especially if there was no problem to start with.

Apr 13, 2013.
The sensor is sealed inside the bearing unit. Only thing I can check is the connection. Which is a ok.

Nothing really to check. Hmmm

Apr 15, 2013.
We have not seen any of these sealed units in Aust, so may be replacing them as a unit is the go, I will see if one of the American tech can lend a hand with this one.

Apr 16, 2013.