2001 Pontiac Grand Am

4 months ago I had work done to my car including 4 brand new hankook tires (mounted and balanced) along with R&R, LF bearing, wipers, oil change, alternator, tensioner, belt, tune up, new boots, front brakes, rotors, outer tie rod ends with brake tie rods. All for 1554.97 on 3/6/13. Now my 2 front tires are badly worn on the inside of both and as I accelerate I hear a humming noise sounds like the tire. Also going 50mph my car shakes and the humming gets louder with speed but once I get to 90mph the shaking stops. Now the humming noise only occurs as I drive strait pushing on accelerator. NOT when I turn. When turning the humming stops. I haven't been in a wreck or hit any potholes I don't know why after 4 months new tires are ruined now or why I have these other problems when I had so much work done to it all at once. What is the problem with my car and is it safe to still drive it?
July 11, 2013.

Is it safe to drive? I can't answer that without being there to inspect it. However, if the tires are badly worn on the inside, I wouldn't suggest driving that fast. The one thing you didn't list above is an alignment. If tie rods were replaced, that should have been done.

As far as the noise, are the tires chopped or worn unevenly? That can cause a hum. And, the shaking is most likely the result of the tires being out of balance.

Since you had this done 4 months ago, I would take it back and discuss it with the people who did the work. I don't know how many miles you have on the tires, but they should last longer than 4 months. Also, they didn't wear evenly which is an alignment problem which should have been addressed when the tie rods were replaced.

Thank you for answering my question, I have been at my wits end with this.I was NEVER told that I would need an alignment after having that all done to my car! Do I need the alignment then? I am so upset that I spent so much money and looks like I will be spending more to fix it correctly. I'm pretty sure no matter how demanding I will be the auto shop will probably not replace my tires on their dime. They told me to bring my car back Monday and they would charge me $20.00 to put it on a lift and look at it? I was also told that taking it to an alignment shop first would waste my money. Sounds like they are truing to waste my money for me. Am I being had here? I am thinking maybe I should just go to an alignment shop and buy the 2 new tire myself again (cost 109.00 a tire)an pray that is the only problem with it! I have 112688 total miles on my car now and have 3,000 or less on the new tires(could be less I'm not to good at keeping up or judging that). To my knowledge my tires don't seem choppy. Just badly worn on both of the insides but very much worn more on the drives side. So you think it is an alignment and nothing like the suspension, ball joints, wheel bearing. Etc like the auto place is telling me? Like I said there is NO noise when I turn at all there are other weird noises either like clicking or pinging. Only humming kinda like an airplane an gets louder the faster I go. What are my chances I will get new tires back from this auto shop? My goodness I spent 1554.97 for all this work an was NEVER told to go and have it aligned after that. By the way I had Yokohama tires on my car for 5 years before buying these hankooks and I swear those Yokohama never had the whole time any wire showing. They were just old and a little dry rotted. Sounds like for sure now the autos shope duked me an tore my car up worse and now want even more momey frpm me. I didn't know you needed to align a car after having tie rods and etc put on. Thank you again for you thoughts if you have an other suggestions or ideas I am welcome to them. Just need a safe car for me and my children. Have a nice day Jacobandnickolas!

Jul 12, 2013.
I think they want to see the car before the alignment so they can blame it on something different. I suggest that you have a 2nd party inspect the car. I can't believe they want 20 dollars just to put it on the rack and check it. They should do that for free. However, I don't know where you live so it is hard for me to know what you are dealing with.

Let me know what is found.

One last thought for your argument. The tie rods of a vehicle are adjusted to set what is called Toe-in. That is the direction the tires face. Since you tires wore only on the inside, that tells me that when you go straight down the road, the passenger tire is slightly facing to the right and the driver's side is slightly to the left. That is what it sounds like.

Have a second party check it first. Let me know what you find.


Hello Joe and a BIG thank you! Sorry it has taken me a couple of weeks to respond back. I went and got a few more opinions a couple from shops and a couple from family and friends. Turns out you was 100% correct! It was out of alignment and the tires weren't balanced correctly. The tire shop replied stateing that it was majorly out of toe. I was pretty lucky cause there were no other problems that had occurred from the bad alignment (was worried there would be.) However the tir e shop did mention that soon I should replace my right bearing, but it wasn't exactly in really bad shape but I should be noted of that to fix it when I have the money so that's next on my list. If it isn't that bad I hope it can wait about a month.I did end up having to buy 2 brand new tires again for the front and with the tires, alignment, tax and labor it came to 286.08. The humming noise that I was hearing has quiet down a lot I still faintly hear it though. You think maybe that is the right bearing? Only does it while accelerating. I also no long have the shaky steering either. I feel a lot better an safer in my car now. Thank you again Joe for your advice and I am sorry once again it took a little while to get back to you. Have a good evening!


Jul 28, 2013.

Good to hear from you. I'm glad you got it taken care of. I can't believe they didn't align it after replacing tie rods. The tie rods are what is adjusted to set the toe-in / toe-out. An alignment should go without say when they are replaced.

Regardless, I'm glad you got it taken care of. As far as the humming, it is most likely the bearing.

Let us know if you ever have questions in the future, Kelly.

Take care,


Thank you once again for all your advice. I will definitely be using this board again if I have anymore questions hopefully I can still reach you, I rather stick with one person makes it easier for me. I will be replacing the right bearing as soon as I accumulate the money to. I will forever know now that when I have tie rods replaced I will have it aligned especially if they don't go ahead and do it there at the auto shop.

Thanks, have a nice day Joe!


Jul 30, 2013.
I'm glad to help. If you ever want to get me in the future, add to this post and I will get an email telling me you replied. If you don't, you will most likely get someone other than me. They are all good mechanics and will help too.

Take care and it has been a pleasure helping you.