2010 Acura Other • 6 cylinder AWD Automatic • 2,000 miles

Hi I just bought a new 2010 Acura ZDX 3 months ago. Ever since day 1, there is a ringing or pinging noise coming either from the engine or below the car when I accelerate moderately/heavily. This is more apparent at 2000 rpm shifting from 3rd to 4th gear, or 4th to 5th, or 5th to 6th. The sound is even louder when climbing a hill. When the car is parked and I rev up, there is no noise. I've used Chevron 94 for the first 3 tanks of gas, but recently have been using 91 on Acura HQ's advice.

I've brought the car back to my Acura dealership twice. The tech and field engineer both heard the noise. They checked the heat shield and intermediate shaft but found nothing loose. They even added octane booster but the sound is still there. However I've received a phone call from Acura HQ that there is nothing they can do at the moment to fix this sound, and this sound would not hurt the engine.

I am not happy because when I test drove 2 ZDX demo cars, they did not have this problem. Especially in a $50K car.

Is there anything you can recommend for me to fix this problem? I really like the looks of this car, and I would like to keep this car long term.

Thank you,

February 7, 2011.

Oh just to add to my original message. The field engineer says the knock sensor is working properly. He also instructed the tech to inspect the spark plugs and wires, and they also check out fine.

Any help would be appreciated. I imagine to be not difficult a fix. If Acura cannot resolve it, should I go elsewhere?

Feb 7, 2011.
Acura has a huge investment in their reliability and quality. The noise may not be something that will cause the car to breakdown or have engine failure. However, it could shorten the life of the motor or transmission.
The next time you go to dealer, ask to see the service bulletins. These are like Factory Recalls, but they are not obligated to alert the owner of the issue.
I had an S-10 that had a horrible noise. It took a while for the service bulletins to come out after about a year of complaining about it and hearing that, "It will be OK".
Eventually, (This was after the warranty ran out), the service bulletin came out about noise problems being caused by the piston in the engine. They re-designed them so the noise was gone. Since I had a recorded history of it, I did not have to pay anything for the repair.
So, ask about the Service Bulletins and make sure that there are Service Repair Orders noting your complaint.
Try to get the car to the dealer at least 3 times even if it is because, (The noise is louder) so you have a history of recognition related to the issue.
If it does not get fixed now, your paperwork and patience will hopefully be enough leverage to get it repaired.
If you are motivated to do so also write a letter to ACURA about the problem. They will more than likely help you as you have an undeniable paper trail in regards to the issue.

I hope this information helps.
Let me know how things turn out. I get alerted when posts are replied to so I will get back ASAP.