2009 Subaru Forester • 40,000 miles

Subaru repaired my brakes and I would like to know if I was overcharged. They replaced front and rear pads that were worn and cleaned and lubricated the caliper slides. Labor was $530 and parts $199.99.

Also, my vdc light was on and they are replacing the steering angle sensor as a one time goodwill gesture because I was laid off. They said the part would have cost $400 and labor $300 for an addtional $700. They said they could do this if I had the brakes repaired that day.
They also changed my oil because when they checked it it was down 2 quarts - they did not even ask me and I was there. That cost an additional $28.55 for parts and $12.40 for labor.
What do think of this?
January 9, 2013.

Brakes were very high.

Oil change was ok.

Stay away from the dealer. They are the highest in pricing

you can do much better with a repair shop and you would be supporting local business.