2009 Porsche Cayenne • V8 4WD Automatic • 23,000 miles

2009 porsche cayenne. Fault code p1025(fuel high pressure adaption) and p1026(fuel high pressure implausible). The car is underpower. After change the new fuel high pressure the car is get back powerful but the p1025 still appear after delete fault code. Any suggestion and adive?Thank you
March 27, 2011.

Vehicle is still new and should be under warranty, if so, I would let the dealer sweat over it. Our database does not have any information on the codes you posted.

Mar 27, 2011.
The car is recond car, so dont have warranty. Can give a advice what meaning of fuel high pressure adaption. Thanks you

Mar 27, 2011.
This is the code I found for Audi vehicles.

P1025 AUDI - Fuel Pressure Control Valve Mechanical Malfunction

Possible causes- Fuel pressure control valve circuit is short to ground
- Fuel pressure control valve poor electrical connection
- Faulty fuel pressure control valve

This one is different for Mitsubishi.

P1025 MITSUBISHI - Exhaust Engine Oil Control Valve Circuit

Possible causes- Exhaust engine oil control valve circuit is open or shorted
- Exhaust engine oil control valve circuit poor electrical connection
- Faulty exhaust engine oil control valve circuit

I am not sure which is the correct component fault in your case.

Mar 27, 2011.