2009 Infiniti Other • 6 cylinder AWD Automatic • 25,000 miles

In the icy snow we get here in Portland, OR, my wife's Infiniti G37x awd sedan's rear end will slowly slide out on ice covered roads while stopped at lights. From the outside, I can see the front wheels are still, but the rears are slowly churning. HARD brake pedal pressure is required to keep the rear end in alignment with the front. Shifting into Neutral, I discovered, eliminates the problem. (On a crowned road, the car's rear end will slowly swing out so wide, I was afraid if I didn't put her in Neutral, the back end would end up in the ditch!)

Is there a problem with the brake balance? The dealer claims never to have heard of this. Recommends "bringing it in during the next ice storm." Which I'm not likely to do, because of the unsafe driving conditions and our proximity to dealer.
June 13, 2011.

That is normal. The front wheel do most of the braking and the power is applied to the rear. If the fronts are on ice and the rears aren't, that will be the result.

Jun 13, 2011.
I Have experienced the same problem. It is impossible to come to a full stop in icy conditions without shifting into neutral. It is also almost impossible to keep the car from moving forward and to the right from a full stop with the brakes applied. This is a dangerous sttribute of the car and almost had me running into a barrier before I realized that shifting into neutral was the only way to bring the car to a stop.

Dec 27, 2012.
This question was asked a year and a half ago. I think he has it resolved now.

Dec 27, 2012.