2009 Ford Focus • 61,000 miles

I have had a similar problem this week.

I went to Cornwall on Wednesday to pivk up my step daughter. An hour from home (midlands) I noticed a metalic sound like a knocking around the engine.
My car is scheduled to go for a service tomorrow - unfortunatelybefore my journey.

I returned home and not used the car since accept for twice to my lical shop a mile away. I had hoped that the knocking was the heat shield - I noticed it was loose a couple of weeks ago when I had tyres replaced and an oil change. Unfortunately that mechanic was unable to tighten this up for.

Anyway, my second little journey to the shop was today - I didn't make it!

Half a mile from home there was an almighty noise - I half expected to leave my exhaust behind as blavk smoke started to come from the back. I was on a roundabout at the time I managed to pull over as the oil light came on and the within seconds the battery light amy steering locked as I lost power.

The recovery bloke said that my engine is dead - as it had blown a hole in the bottom of the engine.

He also said it was one of those things ypu can't predict or prevent.

I had no warning lights prior to it going bang!

It's a 2009 model and only 61,000 miles.

I guess my question is for advice. Is there anything I can do now? My car was out of warranty in June 2012.

Is this an issue that could be a fault or just really bad luck and I need to foot the cost for engine replacement?

I purchased diesel for the durability and feel quite sick that spending £17,000 pounds after 3.5 years of agey in effect I only have scrap on my drive right now.

I had several pronlems with it in 2011 with the injectors. It stalled on me several times witjout warning once just after I came off the motorway.

It went back three times with the same issue.

Many thanks for any advice
April 1, 2013.

You will have to replace the motor.

No warranty from your information


Is that normal to have to replace a diesel engine after only 60k?

It's not even anywhere near due a timing /cambelt yet.

I wouldn't have bothered wasting 17k had I known !

Apr 1, 2013.
I hear you, but something happened in the motor. Thats something you cannot predict.