2009 Chevrolet Impala • 10,078 miles

Check engine light came on and took to repair shop they put it on a diagnostic analysis machine. They said it needs a canister purge storage, canister purge valve, an a solenoid asm-evap emission canister. Can you tell what is wrong with this car since the only thing they was it is the emission that need fixing for 695.34.
January 19, 2013.

I can't second guess, a shop or mechanic that looked at your vehicle in person. I can't see anything from here. If you want to diagnose your own vehicle, at least, get an obd2 code reader. Your local autostore should sell a code reader. Check codes, yourself and post here. Me or somebody will talk to you. Some of the national autostores will check codes for free. I need a code number, at least. I do understand your evap system seems to have a problem.

Are there any driveability issues? Do you live in a state that does vehicle inspections? The state I live in, doesn't do vehicle inspections. So if the check engine lite comes on, I'm the only one that worries about it, yes, I do try to fix it.

Jan 19, 2013.