2009 Buick Lucerne • 95,000 miles

It makes a noise when on uneven pavement
October 27, 2012.

Only drive on even pavement!

I can think of a dozen different kinds of noises with two dozen different causes. If "uneven" means two different heights, that will cause a weight shift from one corner to another and affect the front wheel bearings. Noisy wheel bearings sound like an airplane engine and can be intermittent. The noise often changes when turning slightly such as when changing lanes.

If "uneven" means bumpy roads and you're hearing a clunking or rattling noise, it's time for an inspection at a tire and alignment shop. They will look at ball joints, tie rod ends, control arm bushings, (which GM seems to have a lot of trouble with), anti-sway bar links and bushings, and struts, among other things. Clunks are never a good thing to ignore although not all causes are serious.

Oct 27, 2012.