2009 BMW 750Li • V8 2WD Automatic • 13,800 miles

My 2009 BMW 750Li is 18 months old with 13,800 miles. During this time, I've had to add 6 quarts of oil. I've taken it to the dealer twice and have been told that this is within BMW specifications of oil use of up to 1 quart every 1,750 miles, which seems outrageous to me. Further, my 750 usually has difficulty starting with the starter turning and turning until it eventually starts. Twice, the process has timed out and not started. My dealer just said they couldn't replicate a problem, which is ridiculous as it is more the typical start than the norm experienced when the car was new. What do I do now? Any ideas as to the causes of my problems and how to fix?
December 15, 2010.

BMW has taken the stance that if their people cannot duplicate the customers concern, it cannot be happening. I agree with you that the oil consumption seems quite excessive, however it is within the realm of what BMW considers acceptable, and as to what you can do about it, I would say that having documentation for all the trips to the dealer and all the oil you put in the engine would be the first step. You may also wish to consider voting with your checkbook, if BMW is not going to offer a decent explanation for a 2009 model year car doing what you claim it is doing without a reasonable effort to adjust or telling you it is normal, then you may wish to consider another marque. As to fixing it, you should consider the car is under warranty and anything you might try to do could void the manufacturers warranty. I dont make the news, I just report it.

Dr. Hagerty
Dec 15, 2010.