2008 Nissan Versa • 50,000 miles

My Nissan versa won't start this was a few weeks ago when my sister in law left the dome lights on while she went with my wife to work when they found out the battery died they had a coworker jumped it but it stayed connected for only a few minutes since then almost every time we turn the key to start the battery has been barely starting until now, it doesn't start at all
Every thing sounds OK there's clicking from the spark plug area looking at the dash the battery light flashes now to my question because they only jumped it and had it connected for a few minutes can I just charge the battery (with a battery charger) or does this sound like an alternate problem?

We live in Hawaii and here to there is a short drive and there's a long pause between drives usually 5+ hours between drives(if that makes sence)
September 6, 2011.

I would start with the battery. Charge it and have it load tested at a parts store. It sounds like the battery is bad.