2008 Hyundai Starex • 30,000 miles

2008 Grand Starex CRDI Diesel 2000 cc.

Problem 1: When starting in the morning I can start the engine (no battery problems) but it shuts down in 2 seconds. Need to retry 3 to 5 times to get it running in idle 500 rpm. If I pump gas it does not react. Need to wait 5 minutes to get it to 1000 rpm and running.

Problem 2: below 2000 rpm the van has no power, can barely move uphill with no passengers. Above 2000 rpm the turbo turns on and van runs normally with full power.

Gave me some months ago a low fuel pressure notice but just once and the problem was corrected without any intervention from my part.

Sensor problem? Lack of air below 2000 rpm? Injectors? Fuel pump?
February 13, 2012.

You need to check fuel pump pressure. Make sure the fuel filter isn't plugged.

Thanks! If the computer reports "fuel pressure too low" does it mean I need to replace fuel pump or it can be fixed or have any other cause that does not require pump replacement?

Feb 13, 2012.
You probably need to clean or replace (if stuck) the egr valve.

Aug 9, 2013.