2008 Honda Civic • 1.8L 4 cylinder FWD Automatic • 60,000 miles

My car has always been about an inch higher in the back than the front and I have all factory suspension and springs. Why? Will purchasing a lowering kit such as eibach sport line make it so the car is even front and back?
June 5, 2014.

Hi: First, I wouldn't recommend a lowering kit. With them come other issues. As far as your car is concerned, you may have worn coil springs (part of the strut assembly). Have you checked to confirm if the present height is even out of spec with how the vehicle was designed?

Yes I am sure, I know people with the same exact car and both front and back or their civic is even, its been uneven ever sinse I purchased the car

Jun 5, 2014.
The coil springs, which are part of the strut assembly, is what determines the height. If they are weak or worn, that is most likely the problem.