2008 Dodge Caravan • 87,000 miles

We power sliding doors in our Grand Caravan SXT 3.8 V6. The drivers side door does not operate from any switch, it can only be opened manually. The power window on that side does not work either. The power locks will lock and unlock the door on that side.

The passenger power sliding door works completely. I need to figure out where to look for fuses, wiring issues, etc.

January 21, 2013.

The first thing I would do is have the van scan for codes not with a diyer scan tool ether it won't read all the codes door codes etc. It will take a professional scan tool that can read all the codes. There are for codes etc that will give us a starting point.

Jan 21, 2013.
I posted the description of operation and the trouble tree for the door inop under power. As you can see from the trouble tree the first step is check the door for binding then check for trouble codes.J4 in the fuse diagram is for the drivers door node.

Jan 22, 2013.
There are a ton of codes for the doors as well as a lot of different reasons for them being inop. That is why getting the codes are so important also most likely you will need a scan tool that can read door data to help diagnose the problem.

Jan 22, 2013.