2007 Toyota Camry • 10,000 miles

Check engine light is on I have a code of P0172
November 28, 2012.

DTC P0171 System Too Lean (Bank 1)
DTC P0172 System Too Rich (Bank 1)


DTC Detection Condition

The fuel trim is related to the feedback compensation value, not to the basic injection time. The fuel trim consists of both the short-term and the long-term fuel trims.

The short-term fuel trim is fuel compensation that is used to constantly maintain the air-fuel ratio at stoichiometric levels. The signal from the Air-Fuel Ratio (A/F) sensor indicates whether the air-fuel ratio is rich or lean compared to the stoichiometric ratio. This triggers a reduction in the fuel injection volume if the air-fuel ratio is rich and an increase in the fuel injection volume if it is lean.

Factors such as individual engine differences, wear over time and changes in operating environment cause short-term fuel trim to vary from the central value. The long-term fuel trim, which controls overall fuel compensation, compensates for long-term deviations in the fuel trim from the central value caused by the short-term fuel trim compensation.

If both the short-term and long-term fuel trims are lean or rich beyond predetermined values, it is interpreted as a malfunction, and the ECM illuminates the MIL and sets a DTC.

HINT: When DTC P0171 is set, the actual air-fuel ratio is on the lean side. When DTC P0172 is set, the actual air-fuel ratio is on the rich side.
If the vehicle runs out of fuel, the air-fuel ratio is lean and DTC P0171 may be set. The MIL is then illuminated.
When the total of the short-term and long-term fuel trim values is within 20 % (and the engine coolant temperature is more than 75 C [167 F]), the system is functioning normally.

Nov 28, 2012.