2007 Pontiac Grand Prix • 10,060 miles

Coolent leak after driving (drip)mainly in the lower aft part of engine, looks like a elbow joint, hose 1. Mechanic at repair shop said replace intake manifold gasket, cooling hoses 378.00 labor, 139.49 parts, 2. Replace valve cover gaskets (leaking)315.00 labor 99.46 parts said water pump not leaking, total around 947.00, the dealer intake gaskets, upper plen gasket, 2 coolent elbows 1=16.21 1=7.96, labor 557.15 (4.2hrs) also added that the water pump needs replasing 202.77 parts, 161.00labor(1.4hrs) dex-cool, sealent, flush kit, 1,308, they did not say that the valve covers were leaking, question whos right, who gets the job.
February 15, 2013.

Whos right, the one that consider you the boss. You come in for coolant leak get that done, or you will just over heat, The waterpump is only a suggestion due to mileage so leave that alone. The valve cover will always leak so make that a hobby in getting. Fix the coolant leak fire both shop and dealer and keep an open ear for a honest auto tech which there are so many of.

Feb 15, 2013.
Take it and get it pressure checked to see where it is leaking. If it's an external leak it will show up if it's internal it is probably intake or head gasket.

Feb 15, 2013.